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There are thousands of Small, Micro and Solo business owners in South West Herts, with close to 7 million across the UK. That's a huge percentage of the working population.

More and more people are facing the uncertainty of today's volatile world by starting their own business, but this is by no means an easy road!

You would think with so many people starting businesses and it being a big slice of the national work force that there would be plenty of help and assistance, however,  nothing could be further from the truth... Maybe that's about to change?

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What is the Business Development Network?

It's about creating a large community of local businesses working together. It's to get local businesses to start thinking about collaborating not competing. We can achieve far more working together as a team than we ever could going it alone.

Local businesses are up against it with the big national organisations and multiples. If we work together, innovate, and create fresh new ideas, then not only can we hold our own, we can grow, flourish and bring back the idea of buying local. The more money that is spent with our local businesses, the more stays in the local economy, and that is good for all of us.

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The SWHerts Business Development Network [... Visit the website]

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SW Herts (L4B) - Business Development Network (members Facebook Group)
SW Herts - Business Development Network (members Google Community)
SW Herts - Business Development Network (LinkedIn Group)

Support & Help for your business

Accessing local resources to help you get up and running quickly is voted by small businesses and startups as their No.1 stumbling block.

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Where you can access Help & Support if you're in Business? [... Visit the website]

It can be very lonely out there in business... Check out the website above for details on a whole range of local support and help (mostly free) that you can tap straight into.

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