Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What a month for L4GYouth!!

I am writing this the day after the 2nd L4GYouth and looking back on a month where the whole idea of L4GYouth has developed. Last night’s drinks saw Chris Ogle and I joined by a gentleman called Steve. Apart from helping people resolve legal disputes and collecting silver coins, Steve has a real passion for community and helping people get the whole story. It was one of those evenings that had convocations that couldn’t allow any of us to leave and we all we engrossed by the things the others were saying. Steve hadn’t been to a L4G event before but seemed like this wouldn’t be his last event and I’m sure we will see him on the forums sooner rather than later.

This month also saw the 1st piece of publicity for L4GYouth thanks to Kate Leach who runs the organisation Watford For You. I had the pleasure to meet her a few weeks ago and explained to her in great detail about L4GYouth and she managed to get an article about the project into a local magazine called WOWU. Kate also said she has connections at the local radio station (Vibe) and I am planning to contact her again to see if she can help me get a chance to speak to the radio station about the project that is kicking off in Watford. Below is a picture of the article and have a read of it if you haven’t yet.  

Also, I urge you if you haven’t already to read my special interview with my friend Bruce Halling who has spoken about his experiences in finding work and how the process affects him. The link for this is here:

Lastly, this last month saw two major events for L4GYouth. Firstly, at a coffee event, I met Ruth Korel who works for Stanmore College. Ruth is the liaison between the college and employers and aims to get work placements for some 1,500 students each year. She believes that L4GYouth and the college can work together and after a further meeting on Monday, there is the real possibility of an event being started at the College for students to meet employers from different fields of work, learn about their chosen career and the possibility of gaining work experience. More will follow on this so keep reading the blog to find out the latest. Secondly, the CSR Luncheon took place on the 7th February and saw me meet with a multitude of people all based around the Watford area. They all spoke highly of the project and I look forward to the next luncheon next month where I can update everyone about the progress.

Lastly, I thought it appropriate to thank some people for their help with L4GYouth. Thanks to both Camilla Khawaja (@TheWomen’sLawyer) and the aforementioned Kate Leach (@WatfordForYou) for their help in promoting L4GYouth and I can’t thank them enough. Next I would like to thank Chris Ogle (no introductions needed) for his constant support and guidance and in this short time since I have known him, he has helped me develop skills that will be invaluable in my future legal career. Lastly, I wish to thank everyone who is supportive at any L4G event and it is these kind words that keep me going when the drinks events don’t go well. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will be L4GYouth, so more hard work is needed but I know that the L4G Community will be there along with way.

Until next time....

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