Monday, 31 March 2014

L4GYouth's March Madness

It’s been a month of madness of L4GYouth.

Where better to begin with the events we have had. Last week saw the 3rd of the monthly drinks in Watford and for the 1st time we managed to get some new young people together. It was a great evening that was enlightening for everyone there. I felt at first both myself and the young people were nervous and unsure of what to expect. They were curious about it and were wondering why I not only started L4GYouth but also what I get out of it. I think the event went extremely well and from the feedback I have gotten, the young people I met there got a great deal out of the event and will look to come to the next one in April with them bringing more young people too. I believe they will be on the forum sooner rather than later.

Outside of Watford, great progress has been made with the expansion of L4GYouth. I am regularly getting emails and messages from +Chris Ogle with details of people I can be connecting with who want to set up their own L4GYouth events in their region or work with L4GYouth with what they do. In particular, I believe there will be finalising discussions up in Redcar about setting up a event up there and I believe that there is a real need for it so that is great news and I hope that next month more progress can be made on this with dates and times planned. 

Later this week, I am meeting a lady from Barnet who Chris introduced to me who as well as wanting help with Google+ she has set up a charity with clear overlaps with what we are doing in L4GYouth and it should be a very interesting meeting and hopefully progress can be made. It is great to see other people in different districts and communities thinking about the youth side of things and I am sure as time progresses, more will be done on this front.

A few other things to mention include the meeting that I have today alongside Chris at Stanmore College where we will discuss what L4G is doing can how it can help integrate it into the school’s program. This will be great as we will have a real chance to give young people the work experience and employability skills they need in order to get the future they deserve. I also have spoken to my local news magazine and they plan to feature L4GYouth in the next issue. This will be great as it will also the message to spread to an even wider audience and this may hopefully mean, more people attending the events in the future. It’s been a crazy month for L4GYouth and I am sure I have missed something out that is important but it has just been one of those months.

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