Friday, 1 August 2014

L4G #Community Update 01/08/14

For everyone who isn't aware, there was no #CommunityTVShow this week due to internet issues, so rather than letting you all miss out on what is going on, I thought I'd return to the blogging sphere for an update on what I've been upto, whats happening in #Watford and the updates from +Link4Growth in terms of events and training.

Where's Alex Been

Its been another busy week for me with 4 events locally plus ventures to other districts to talk about #L4GYouth. Last Saturday, +Chris Ogle and I met up with a few other at Eli's Kitchen on the Watford Market. The event is planned so that people can not only get the benefits of a #Link4Coffee events but also the chance for us to introduce any newcomers to the various market traders and help promote the idea of buying local. Chris and I are down there most Saturdays from 10:00am and I look forward to seeing some of you there.

Monday this week was the launch of #Link4Coffee in Northwood. Based in a local independent cafe, near Moor Park station, the cafe was a buzz of excitement with a great mix of new, old and returning faces. A new event is a great way to get people who may never have met to connect and see the bonds of the community strengthen.  Check out the picture below for a taste of what was happening.

This week also say two events over in Rickmansworth with a #Link4Coffee event in the Regus building and the monthly CSR Luncheon which aims to bring businesses and charities together to be able to help each other. Both events had great turnouts and these events are allowing relationships to be formed and blossom and it was great to see the like of +Tania Clarke+Tony Rook and +Diane Richardson again and catch up and see if we can help them. With it now being August, we repeat the calender and I look forward to seeing you at an event soon.

What's on Locally

For anyone who regularly watches the #CommunityTVShow, this portion is your go to guide for things happening in Watford and this district. To begin with, all this weekend, the Outdoor Cinema continues this weekend and pictures of the set up are in the L4G Watford community.

As well as films, the #wwcplusphoto competition carries on with the chance to win some amazing prizes and have the chance to donate money to the +Watford Women's Centre. All the details and 'rules' are in the community. Below would have been my entry but for me judging the contest. Its of the American University in Bushey and one of my favorite buildings in the area.

For those who are free tomorrow afternoon and want to learn more about #Watford history, pop along to the Watford Museum and check out their High Street trail starting at 12pm for a chance to learn about Watford and its architectural history. Of course, if you take pictures, you know where to put them!!

Community Update

Next week, we have a #Link4Coffee event in the Regus in Watford and I look forward to seeing everyone who attends and seeing how #Link4Growth can help them with whatever their issues are

In terms of training, we have the start of the Linked In Accelerated Learning Programe (ALP) which starts on Wednesday, so for you guys collecting names on there, check out the link and you will start to see benefits. In terms of training, the prices have just risen for both the ALPs and the half day workshops (with intent) meaning that to get the most out of it, I'd recommend you checking out the website page dedicated to subscription to see the benefits that subscribing can offer.

I hope everyone likes this version of the #CommunityTVShow and I promise the regular show will be back next week.

Have a great week,

Alex Murray

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