Sunday, 21 September 2014

New Links on the L4G SW Herts blog and opportunity to get your events listed

Well we are now well into the autumn semester, back at school, days drawing in, summer becoming a distant memory, although we have to be very pleased with the temperatures which reached 26.5c as I drove back from Wales last week.

In the SW District as you have heard through +Alex Murray (and the community TV show) we have not been idle and a lot of work has been going on in the background to bring systems and processes up to speed to cater for the expansion right across the country. We have made some minor but important adjustments to the SW Herts District Blog, which we will begin to use much more now as a focal point along with the G+ communities covering the district.

New L4G SW Herts Calendar Tab

There is a new tab on the top now which is L4G SW Herts Calendar, if you host events and would like to be able to add events into the calendar directly then please do let +Alex Murray or +Chris Ogle (that's me) know and we can provide you with the ability to put your events in directly, the more people doing their own adding the less onerous for those trying to keep it all together... I'm thinking +Diane Richardson and +Catherine Baldwin you might benefit from being able to do this, and there will be many others. If you know of events coming up, and would like us to add them, please do contact us and let us know so we can pop them on... any links to the events with details to assist us would be most welcome!

The aim of the calendar is to serve all in the community and provide a central place where everything that is happening can be placed easily with the minimum of fuss...

Workshops / Training - Link4Skills

Also... we have now added a new tab for Workshops / Training. Link4Growth offers a multitude of workshops all delivered online. We have the foundation engagement programme that is aimed at getting people to be able to participate effectively online, this covers things like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Google+, Google Hangouts, Pinterest and others too! ... but in addition those that wish to deliver online workshops can be accredited through Link4Growth and then offer these workshops to the growing Link4Growth community and beyond... if you have knowledge, experience and skills you want to share, then come and talk to us about how we can help you!

That's it... a short sharp post just to provide a few quick updates on what is happening...

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