Saturday, 29 November 2014

Watford Market Video's update, Skating in Watford and other News!

The plans are well underway to complete a short intro video to every stall holder on the +Watford Market and it is going to be especially good fun in the run up to Christmas. So far around 10 have been done so we are 1/4 of the way there so far... 3 more to do this week at least! ... below Lynne's sewing box and Dean from Shepherds Greeting Cards... you can see all the local independent business video's by clicking here to link to the L4G BuyLocal Business video playlist.


This week I have also been roving around at the top of the high street... yesterday I took some video action of the #WatfordBigEvents Ice Rink... although sceptical at first I think this will turn into a big success... 


This week we will be also looking forward to some news stories from the 8 roving reporters out there in the community... please do check out the SW Herts community TV Show below! Plenty going on this week and with special guest +Catherine Baldwin talking about +The Michael Green Foundation 's recent 'Diabetes Bus' success and their Eat Fit campaign starting in early January 2015... 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Richard Doughty from Watford reverses Diabetes Type 2

A family bereavement, high blood pressure, an unavoidable job change. I thought everything came in threes — but I was wrong. There was more bad news around the corner.

I was a fit 59-year-old and had just had an annual health check at my GP surgery. This revealed I had high blood sugar — 9millimoles per litre, whereas a normal level is 4-6mmol/l — and my doctor suggested I could have diabetes.

Further tests confirmed that, yes, I was type 2 diabetic. I was stunned. I have always been a healthy weight (I am 5ft 7in and just 10st 7lb), had no family history of diabetes, ate a healthy diet, never smoked, and I definitely did not have a sweet tooth.
Determined to find a solution, I began researching the condition and how to beat it.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to keep glucose levels normal (in type 1, the pancreas stops producing insulin altogether), and if I didn’t take action, I would be 36 per cent more likely to die early and could suffer bad sight, poor kidneys, heart failure and strokes. I’d also eventually be on medication.

My GP said that my diabetes was mild enough to be controlled through diet alone, and gave me a wad of leaflets on nutrition for diabetics. I took up salads, cut down on carbohydrates and ate my five-a-day — but progress was slow. Over seven months I shed a stone but my blood sugar was still too high — around 7mmol/l.

Read the whole story here...

Monday, 17 November 2014

SW Herts Community Reporters good to go...

There are exciting times ahead for Watford, Rickmansworth and the whole of the South West Herts area. Through the nationwide community building initiative of Link4Growth our local community has it’s own Website featuring, community TV channel, interactive online communities, community calendar (what’s happening locally), business directory and… local news including articles, features and reports about things that are going on in our community.

This is all absolutely FREE to participate in, and moreover we have an initial team of local ‘reporters’ who are on the look out for interesting stories of local significance that we can make public for anyone to be able to read and engage with. The people listed below are all local people who live in or near #Watford and who are passionate about the town we live in. There is so much going on in #Watford it really is the place to be.

+Alex Murray

Alex is a 24 year old Law graduate who has been very active on the local SW Herts scene for the past 14 months. The previous SW Herts Link4Growth District Leader; Alex has taken a year out to finish his qualifications, but he is still working hard in his time off to actively engage and promote community building in SW Herts.

+Paul Roberts

Paul lives in the Central Ward for Watford, a keen Watfordian, Paul is actively involved in local initiatives such as projects to clean up parts of central Watford around where he lives. Paul can often be seen around town and is passionate about building on all the positives that Watford has to offer… many of the pictures on the L4G Watford community have been at the hands of Paul and his trusty camera.

+Reason .....

Neal is going to be even more well known than he is now when his latest enterprise the Reason Coffee Shop opens its doors in early December. Neal is a hugely positive individual with a real desire to see Watford thrive and his Reason Coffee Shop will house a book library which will feature many items on self development, taking action and creating the world that we want to live in. You will see the team often in the Reason Coffee shop when it opens up soon.

+Tania Clarke

Tania is our ‘boat lady’ Watford enthusiast. Tania works in the Parade in Watford High Street and is actively engaged with a great many Watford residents through her work. Tania can be seen sampling the delights of the local independent Watford coffee shops and eateries at lunch times and after work and is a massive fan of helping to get the New Watford Market bustling!

+Diane Richardson

Diane is a Brand & Communications Consultant and has lived in Watford for many years and more recently has been involved with the charity sector. Diane has worked tirelessly with the Watford Women's Centre and raised their profile significantly over the last year or so. Fortunately, Diane is not only a great connector with charities and social enterprises but also with many of the local businesses too. Diane is often about in Watford capturing fantastic images of the local landscape, you can see more of these on the L4G Watford community.

+Catherine Baldwin

Catherine lives in North Watford and with a keen eye for design runs her own design and print enterprise. Catherine does much more than that though, she also helps with imagery / design and website management through her involvement in the Michael Green Foundation; a charity that seeks to raise the awareness of diabetes type 2 nationally. A keen community participant Catherine is really positive about Watford and has her finger on the local pulse.

+jean flower

Jean lives up on the North side of the SW Herts district currently in Abbots Langley and has been a keen community participant for many years. Well networked across the region, Jean has connections in all facets of the local area and is going to provide access to a whole range of interesting local stories. We are also hoping to see a Link4Coffee event running in the Abbots Langley high street in due course!

myself… +Chris Ogle 

A Watfordian all my life (with a brief period in Hemel… wasn’t for me), ex Watford Grammar School and local business owner I am now able to share my passion for Watford through my other passion; technology. I’m based just a short 5 minute walk from the Town centre, and delighted to be involved in promoting the amazing new Watford Market with the assistance of those already mentioned above. Watford is an amazing town and there is so much going for it, we just need to help people see what is before their eyes… and that’s the mission!

So… please ask yourself?

  1. Are you passionate about Watford? 
  2. Do you share our enthusiasm for our local town? 
  3. Have you got news that never makes it into the local newspaper? 
  4. Do you have a good news story to tell that remains untold because no one picked up on it?
  5. Do you know of people doing great work but that no one knows about?

People of Watford!! … there are so many good things going on locally that people never ever hear about, stories that show people really care about others, stories that demonstrate there is more to life than just money and the constant battle to win. Stories that help us to focus on the good that is out there and also find out about those in need, especially at this time of year. Stories that connect us with what is happening right under our noses and that we can actually do something about… but only if these stories get told…

So people of Watford… we urge you… if you have a story? … if you have something that you want to share with other local people? … please let us know… or…

Would you like to help us rebuild community locally? Would you like to be involved in #TeamWatford and start to be involved in creating real change locally here in Watford? There is a lot to do… but many hands make light work… why not get in touch and help us get the community of Watford buzzing! … We are the cavalry, it is up to us, this is our time!

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Richard Harrington and the Job creation scheme...

Jobs boost as 1600 Watford businesses take advantage of Government tax break

Friday, 7 November, 2014
Figures released today show that 1600 business in Watford, Oxhey and Abbots Langley have benefitted from a tax break introduced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer earlier this year.
Interesting statistics, however in talking to people recently who are involved at the sharp end of placing young people into work we see that many of these 'new' roles are being used to obtain low cost employees with little promise of long term jobs... after the period of entitlement the young person can often find themselves back out of work... and another taken on under the scheme to replace them... skills learned during the work period have varied to. Some people are taken on and become part of the team others are involved in more menial work and then return to unemployed...

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

New Watford Market construction story and picture timeline

Shipping container architecture: Watford Market was constructed using 42 shipping containers.

New watford market shipping container architectureThe Watford Market was constructed from 42 converted shipping containers assembled in two levels. The company that supplied the containers is a company called Adaptainer based in Ipswich and Flaunden near Bovingdon.

The containers selected were from 10, 20 and 40' stock that Adaptainer holds and the units required extensive modification to provide, windows, roller blinds, vents and all the other paraphernalia required in the multi purpose usage they were being put to in the market... it was particularly challenging to assemble the units due to the limited space available on the site.

Please click here to read the full story and see the pictures through the market development process...