Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Let's support all our local businesses #L4GBuyLocal

Last Saturday saw the second of the Small Business Saturday initiatives take place. This is a national day 1st Saturday in December that serves to focus people on using small independent traders instead of the 'multiples'. Taking this concept to another level locally #Link4Growth launched their national campaign #L4GBuyLocal. This hashtag is going to be used right across social media to consistently and constantly bang the drum for supporting our local businesses.

In #Watford we are going to be using the hashtag #L4GBuyLocalWatford to promote the independent traders in our high street, the new market and to every small business in the area... and... Everyone can join in!!

Are you running a local business? Do you want more local people to know what you do? Would you like to do more business within a 5 mile radius locally? Would you like to be able to get your skills, knowledge and experience out to a wider audience? ... If the answer to these questions is yes? ... Then... YOU are exactly who we want to talk too... AND... It's not about taking your money off you!!

This is about working together... As a collective community... Collaborating with each other... Supporting each other... and keeping our money in our local economy for longer, so it works for us, locally! When we work together we can all prosper, what have we got to lose?

Check out the A6 Card to the left we are now distributing around Watford...

So... what do you need to do?

Get in touch with #Link4Growth contact : or call 07834 754000 or tweet @chrisogle

What we are effectively doing is creating a local community website hub where everyone can participate, join in, update what's happening, make comments and actually be part of the local community. It includes local News & updates (by us the people of Watford), community TV, a list of all the events where you can meet other local people, localised town / suburb village areas for posting what's happening right where you are... and lots more... all for no cost! ... this is now possible... but who knew until now??

What will happen after you contact us?

  1. We have a conversation about you and your business
  2. We invite you to come and meet other local people looking to rebuild #Watford our community and supporting #L4GBuyLocalWatford (FREE) 
  3. We get you into the online community where you can promote your business... And easily find out about others local businesses too! (FREE)
  4. We provide access to affordable low cost training so you can start to grow and expand your skills and use of technology
  5. YOU become part of something to be proud of. Rebuilding our local community by taking ACTION

What if we all did the above? As you can see this is not about the money this is about creating something that we can all play a part in.

If you have ever said "doesn't matter what I think, nothing will change", or "what they should do is", or "I'm just one person I can't make a difference" ... Then stop it!! ... because now YOU CAN!

We CAN do it when we work together as #TeamWatford ... It's already started... The people in the list at the end of this post are already working hard in Watford... for the people of Watford... Not for the council, not for some big business and not for Money... But for the good people of Watford, because we care about Watford we're passionate about the town and we want to play our part in making it better for us all.

If there were 1,000 or more of us all doing a little bit each... How much more could we do, how fast could we do it? ... The time is now!!! Get in touch... or contact any of the people below... EVERYONE can play a part, young, old, employed, unemployed, female, male... Come and be part of this exciting journey, there has never been anything like it before, YOUR chance to make the changes you want to see... Don't be one of those that look back in ten years who says "I could have done something really important, I had my chance, but I just picked myself up, dusted myself down, and walked on past"

Watford Community Team

Contact us now, YOU CAN make a massive difference :  @chrisogle @link4growth 07834 754000

JOIN US AT Ocean Bells Coffee Company Ltd on the 15th December from 10:00am
JOIN US AT Moon-Under-Water (high street) on the 18th December from 6:00pm

The good news is that this is happening around the country, nationally too! ... If you know people who are community focussed let's help them do the same thing where they are!

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