Wednesday, 25 March 2015

It might be a small thing but it's the start of something much bigger

So to many the gist of this post might be a small thing, hardly noteworthy enough to get a mention, but to me... it is a moment of great significance...

If you look at the image above. This is a slice from the Watford Community stream on G+. Nothing of any great import there. But take a closer look at the Madarin Duck thread on the right hand side. This was a post originally made by +Daryl Gerard Morrissey to the public at large. I have had the honour of meeting Daryl a fellow ex Watford Boys pupil once at the old Watford Market and follow his posts. So noticing that this was about #Watford I reshared into the Watford community as you see above.

Now... if you look at the post a certain +Shirley Ogle has responded. This is my mum of course. Who celebrates her 80th birthday on April 1st. Mum has managed to sort out Facebook and keeps up to date on her iPad with all the goings on inside the family with grandchildren and great grandchildren too... But I also gave her a glimpse of what was happening in Watford through our implementation of community on the G+ platform. My mum now reads the Watford community like a newspaper to keep up to date with what is happening locally... and not just Watford there is Rickmansworth, Croxley, Abbots Langley, Garston, Northwood, Oxhey, Bushey... etc. etc.

As we continue to work in the community building connections and showing people how they can share what is happening in their lives, whether that is social, community or business, what happens is that there is the realisation that we the people can now control the media... we are the media, we are the reporters... we can share what we think is important. The more of us that do this, the more rich and varied the stories are just like real community. Do you know what the good thing about this is? Mostly what is posted is positive, good news stories, great pictures around our towns, things we should be grateful for... not car crashes, stabbings and bad things... there is so much good going on out there we just don't get to hear about it!! ... NOW WE CAN!!

... and there are people like my mum... not so mobile these days who can keep up with interesting, positive things happening in the community... they can feel connected... get involved as my mum has... make new friends... not feel so isolated... how amazing is that??  I don't want you thinking I never go and see my mum and leave on her own constantly I am sure she will testify to that not being the case... but can you see that by building this community online locally what an amazing resource we have at our disposal... and the best part? ... it is totally free to get involved!! ... and we are doing this nationwide...

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