Wednesday, 11 March 2015

New PayItForward Coffee Outlet in Watford... Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore

#PayItForwardCoffee or #SuspendedCoffee has come to #Watford in the brand new independent coffee shop +Reason ..... Proprietor +Neal Emery has now deployed a chalk board to record coffees that people have bought in advance so that the homeless or those having a difficult time have a place to get a hot drink. Inspired by a regular at the Coffee Shop +Tania Clarke this trend of supporting local people through kindness is beginning to gather momentum and Neal (owner) is delighted to be able to play his part and enable others in the community to support those in need.

Reason is engaging with local community groups bringing people together and providing a community space for engagement and participation. Do go and pay a visit... the coffee shop is also a bookstore full of interesting and educational material for personal development and evidence learning. 116 The Parade, Watford High Street.

More info can be found on this link...

There are Facebook groups supporting this initiative... PayItForwardCoffee and SuspendedCoffees

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