Monday, 9 March 2015

A new perspective on Work & Happiness from Bushey's Alex Murray

This is a very interesting Blog from local community member +Alex Murray. I've known Alex since the back end of 2013 and I think we could say that we have both been on a journey...

Alex represents the future and it is very interesting to hear his views about happiness... following your passions... doing what you want to do rather than blindly following paths that have gone before... If our young people all went through this kind of journey the future would be in very good hands indeed... +Tania Clarke +Neal Emery #Link4Growth #L4G

Anyone wanting to meet up with Alex can find him at one of the many Link4Growth events in the SW Herts area, or on the +Watford Market on Saturday mornings in Ell's Kitchen.

Read the full blog right here...

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