Friday, 3 April 2015

Did you know that the Legal system is being changed without our consent?

Local +Link4Growth enthusiast, #TeamWatford player and massive contributor to +Link4Growth SW Herts +Alex Murray who is studying law asks why The Law is not a more prominent issue in the upcoming elections.

Alex is studying law so has a vested interest, however he believes that recent changes in the law pushed through by the incumbent will contribute to legal services being more difficult to come by and vastly more expensive. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? ... there are some who believe that the legal system has been milking us for years, but on the other hand the inability for genuine cases to receive affordable legal aid has now reached epidemic proportions...

Alex explains in his latest blog some of the facts and his thoughts on what is going on and why he believes this should be a massive issue in the election campaign... the changes he believes will adversely not only affect those in the industry but also tens of thousands seeking legal services.

Full blog story can be read here...

If you are local and have a report or blog that you believe is applicable to those in #SWHerts then please do let us know.

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