Sunday, 16 August 2015

Speakeasy Diner comes to #WatfordMarket

Following on from our regular #Link4Coffee at Ell's Kitchen on +Watford Market this week +Alex Murray and I took a stroll over to the newest eatery that has opened up in the food court (upstairs in Watford market)

Anita and Mike a local husband and wife team have been planning the idea for over 6 months and Anita has always wanted to do something like this. Recent opportunity to exit from Tesco's has meant that the dream is now becoming a reality.

They are 'soft opening' at the moment so that they can familiarise themselves with all the new equipment and are providing a range of burgers, hot dogs and diner style food all at very reasonable prices. Watch out for one of the #L4GBuyLocal videos coming soon as we have a video scheduled in... and also a Food Court revisit for the #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV show as we catch up with all the comings and goings that have happened in recent months!

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