Sunday, 25 October 2015

CKi (Community Kickstarter initiative) coming to #Watford soon!!

Are are ready? ... the CKi is coming to #Watford... so what is a CKi?

This is an initiative to bring together all the people doing great work in our community and to get all this information into a place where anyone can see what is happening. 97% of what is happening around us is good, the only problem is we don't know about it... it's underground and only those involved know...

Well that is about to change. We need to celebrate the good things being done, make them visible and enable more people to join in, engage and get involved. That is the core driver for the CKi... enable us all to work together to create a better community for us all to enjoy... and it's all free...

The initial core team meeting with happen at Reason Coffee and Book shop on the 3rd November at 7pm... and then the big launch for the programme in January 2016... dates will be confirmed after the initial meeting.

Below a short video on how it works... this is needed across the country in every town, village and city... time for the people to awaken and for us to create what we want...

Please get in touch .... comment here or tweet to @L4GSWHerts the time is now... not only in Watford... if you want to get involved these are starting in Rickmansworth, and will be on other towns in the SW Herts district.

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