Sunday, 11 October 2015

SW Herts L4G Community TV - 9th October 2015

This week we have three interviews for you, the first is +Chris Ogle  interviewing +Kevin France about a project to rebuild Cassiobury Park Gates. In the second I will be interviewing +Dipa Kotak , who is L4G District leader in NW London and who next week launches +Link4Business in #London. Finally, +Diane Richardson is chatting to +Fiona Flaherty about her new +L4G TV show on public health which launches next week.

Tania, Catherine and Neal are all away, so Chris is covering the local charity news and events. Chris will also be bringing you a local restaurant review. I will have the latest news and sports news as well.

All this and more, on what was a very interesting show.

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