Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Local cafe comments on the cost of Lemon in Hot water

Just recently there was a hoo-ha about the price charged for a couple of slices of lemon in hot water served in a bistro in York. A disgruntled client reported on Trip Advisor that it was disgraceful to charge £2 for the drink... the cafe owner retorted with a full scale cost analysis to justify the cost including the rent of the premises, the cost of the staff et al.

My own personal thoughts are that neither party came out with a positive result here. The cafe owner had a real chance to be 'kind' and build a relationship with a member of the community, demonstrate compassion and share this with the people of York. Instead he took the hard line. This was a public argument which split the population. Some believing the price was ridiculous whilst others focused on the justification of the cafe owner. In both cases the focus was on money, not people and relationships.

If the owner had responded with... sorry to hear about your visit, please do come and see us again, I would be happy to provide a free refreshment of your choice and lets talk about how we can improve. Now that would have communicated, care about people, interest in sorting the issue and probably created a real good feel factor of being heard to the customer. Maybe it would have done nothing and the matter would have ended there... probably no publicity because it's good news and not that newsworthy... but it would have been seen that the cafe owner was compassionate by anyone checking out Trip Advisor.

Below one of our own cafe owners +linda anderson of the Croxley Kitchen shares her thoughts

Read Linda's post here...  

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