Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The time is now

There comes a time when you have to cast aside your doubts, questions and scepticism. It's sensible and healthy to keep an open mind and be careful of course. But if you genuinely want to change the world and an opportunity like this comes along doesn't it make sense to take a chance?

Here at The Kitchen Croxley we're passionate about community. Alongside our bespoke cake decorating business, and associated parties and classes, we host groups for expectant mums, new babies, more senior friends affected by memory loss, folk music and book lovers...

Our initial contact with Link4Growth was coincidental (if you believe in such things...) and casual. It led to monthly coffee mornings at The Kitchen, followed by end of day drinks gatherings to shorten the time between get togethers.

For a considerable time The Kitchen merely hosted these events. The turning point was the inaugural national conference at Missenden Abbey - where the invitation to bake a celebration cake led to our attending and finding out more. Sure we had our questions, our scepticism, our doubts. But we listened, we learned, and we decided to go for it - we've been convinced and now it's our turn to convince you!

Link4Growth is about so much more than coffee mornings - or even business networking. We've come to understand and be inspired by the breadth and depth of vision and infrastructure of this organisation. Three years in the planning and preparation it's now ready to launch itself onto a public who perhaps don't quite know how much they need or will be excited by it!

We're privileged to be a part of Link4Growth - and even more so to be blogging here and sharing some of the great work that they (make that WE...) are doing.

We hope you've wetted your appetite. And we also hope that by mentioning our next project - wormeries - we won't spoil it! More soon....

Linda (owner - the Kitchen Croxley)

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