Sunday, 17 July 2016

Coffee Shop Union supports local artist's first exhibition.

This lovely young lady is Ciara Paulo. An incredibly talented young artist whose vibrant, fresh work is currently causing a stir at The Kitchen Croxley.

On Friday evening Link4Growth supported the preview of Ciara's first ever exhibition. This is exactly the type of event Link4Growth is keen to be a part of. Something that engages the community, encourages the next generation of leaders, and gets people talking to each other. Taking place as it did in an independent coffee shop there was another reason for L4G to engage with this.

The Kitchen Croxley is a member of the Coffee Shop Union. One of many initiatives designed to bring together small business owners, enabling them to collaborate for the benefit of both themselves and their customers. Within the Coffee Shop Union, owners of independent coffee shops meet, talk, share ideas and suggestions, help out in times of busy-ness or crisis and, or course, enjoy a cuppa together.

Many of these independent coffee shops have a space that is perfect for hanging pictures and photos. Standing in The Kitchen last Friday, glass of craft beer in hand and viewing these delightful drawings, you could have been forgiving for thinking you were in Camden or Hackney. A trendy white-walled gallery full of young people enjoying a great first night. This experience will now be repeated elsewhere, not just in City Centres but also in the suburbs, smaller towns and villages. Coffee Shops that previously operated alone can now benefit from the links with other similar businesses, building a circuit of venues to be used by artists, musicians, comics and many other creative individuals.

To read more about the launch night take a look here And to enquire about joining the CSU, or exhibiting at one of our venues do get in touch.

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