Sunday, 31 July 2016

Mocktails July 28th 2016 (a first)

Who's this then?

You may think you're looking at Chris Ogle; Watford boy and passionate about community and Link4Growth...

But suppose this is the guy who taught Tom Cruise how to shake and stir? Whose mixology is legendary?

Suppose - or pretend - this is true. Either way we took it on trust that this was something he'd done before (and the hat surely says it all?)

Chris's skills were put to the test on Wednesday July 28th at the first ever Mocktails evening. Held at The Kitchen Croxley this was Link4Drinks with a twist. And a slice of pineapple, a maraschino cherry and a bendy straw...

The event was well attended by the keen, the curious and the downright dubious. A night drinking with no alcohol - what was that all about?

Quite a lot in fact! Some great flavours for starters, have you ever enjoyed a Watermelon Cooler? Fresh fruit blitzed with lime juice and topped up with sparkling water - refreshing on a balmy evening, Or how about a mojito - muddled mint and brown sugar, ice and ginger ale. A pina colada is known for its coconut and pineapple so who needs rum really? And a Sea Breeze can be just as refreshing without the vodka. Even the snakebites were well received - alcohol free beer is not what it used to be blended with some apple juice and a shot of blackcurrant is all the kick you need!

So why Mocktails and not Cocktails? Well for starters The Kitchen is not a licensed premises. We've considered it but the costs involved can be quite substantial. As a family friendly community hub we're happy to be serving great coffee, a decent pot of tea and healthy shakes and juices. It's more than fine to bring in some beers on a comedy night, or a bottle of bubbles for a celebration tea. But we're not sure licensing is the route for us just yet.

We're also conscious of the benefits of reducing the amount of alcohol we consume, and want to help people do this by offering delicious alternatives. We've all sat in the pub with fizzy water whilst our mates enjoy a fruity red wine or draft ale. Perhaps because we're driving, expecting, on medication or simply wanting to keep a clear head. Getting older doesn't seem to help with the morning after headaches either!

It's not all about avoiding things either - there are lots of positives to eating and drinking more fruit and fluid - Mocktails make that an absolute pleasure.

The customers certainly agreed with us. Over the course of the evening many of them tried two if not three of the drinks - with the comments overwhelmingly positive!

We're looking forward very much to the next event on August 24th. The evening is open to everyone so put the date in your diary now and we hope you will join us!

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