Sunday, 28 August 2016

SW Herts Community Hub Website nearing the start line!

The configuration of the South West Herts District Hub Website is now getting towards the finalisation of the setup stage.

The Setup stage is the point where the majority of the components of this local communication platform are in place and we 'the local people' can begin to engage.

The purpose of the SW Herts District Community Hub website is to bring together online into a central place all the great work that is going on in our local communities and make it much more visible.

There is so much good work happening out there, the problem we have had until now is that there has been no central place to put all this information and where people can find it easily. Now not only is there a central place we 'the people' can add the information, engage with each other, and become more active in our communities.

The areas covered are diverse and can be expanded and scaled as the needs of our community change. It is all free to view, access and be part of... if you want to post into the local communities, all you will need is a Google Account (if you have GMail you're more than likely to have one already)... or on the business front a Brand or Places page (easy to set up just contact us to get started).

The District Hub Website delivers the following...
  1. Town Communities, Now we can all be reporters and share what is happening locally. Let everyone else know what is going on. The more we share, the more people can engage
  2. Local feature stories about what is happening locally (are you a budding journalist? get in touch)
  3. Connect to local social Media communities (local Facebook groups, twitter lists)
  4. Town Business Clubs, local business communities (directories), share what's happening in your business, begin networking, collaborating and being part of the local business community
  5. Training and Education central (Find out about easy to consume local training)
  6. What's on Locally, all the major entertainment links you'll need
  7. Local TV, Community Channel, Local History, Youth TV, Sport (if you fancy being part of local community TV then please do get in touch
The SW Herts District Website is ours... the people's, this is a unique opportunity where we have a local platform that we can collectively contribute too... it's free to participate in and is all not for profit... effectively a service to community.

if you want to know more or would like to get involved then please do get in touch... if you would like to start a District Hub Website in your area... then please also get in touch.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Local SWHerts CommunityTV show 26th August 2016

This weeks show consisted of 3 of the regular 5 in the team, +Diane Richardson hosting the show as usual, and covering with what's on locally and the news, +Neal Emery with all the sport, myself I am in the studio this week covering for +Catherine Baldwin who is enjoying a wonderful time away right now.

Interesting times in #Watford this week with BHS closing its doors for the final time. The bandstand is almost complete and the unveiling approaches on the weekend of the 3rd Septermber. Neal has all the news on WatfordFC ... not the best start to the season but with Chelsea and Arsenal in the first 3 games it was always going to be a difficult campaign. The cup wasn't a good result though... Loads of entertainment on the Beach with movies galore over the bank holiday weekend...

please do catch all the action below on our regular #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV channel.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Kitchen Croxley winner Community Baker in 2015 Bakery Awards

Linda Anderson - Kitchen Croxley in the Bakery Awards Magazine reflecting on the 2015 awards

Having only been open for 8 months it was an unexpected bonus to have qualified for the finals of the Baking Awards 2015 without actually going on to win it. But that is exactly what happened last year. Entered in the Community Baker category The Kitchen Croxley won the prestigious award in a top London Hotel awards evening.

Linda Anderson the proprietor, always imagined creating a coffee shop that had the ambience of just popping around a friends for a coffee sitting in the kitchen. Also recognising that the Kitchen plays host to a huge range of activities in any household. So it is with the Kitchen Croxley. From Book Clubs, to happy hookers, Comedy Nights, High Teas, Baby showers and singing evenings there is a lot going on every week down at the Kitchen, apart from being a regular coffee shop. Celebration cakes remain the bedrock of the business with all the baking done on the premises ranging from birthdays, christenings, anniversaries and weddings. For those that are looking for the extra 'WoW' factor the Kitchen specialise in producing customised models to make that celebration cake truly unique.

Proud member of the #CoffeeShopUnion

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Watford Young Greens urge Watford FC to pay the real Living Wage

Watford Young Greens are petitioning Watford FC to pay all of their employees the real Living Wage (as calculated by the Living Wage Foundation) and to become an accredited Living Wage employer. The Living Wage is a voluntary hourly rate set independently, updated annually and is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. The current UK Living Wage outside of London is £8.25 per hour. This is different to the ‘national living wage’ which serves as the new legal minimum for those aged over 25.
+Alex Murray, local Green campaigner and football fan said:
“Watford FC’s failure to pay the real Living Wage contributes to the 5 million people in the UK who can’t afford the basic cost of living. No one should have to choose between heating their homes and putting food on the table. It is disgraceful that players in the Premier League earn an average of £44,000 a week, while someone on the minimum wage would have to work 3 years to earn as much.”
“We urge Watford FC to follow the example of other football clubs such as Chelsea and become responsible employers by paying the Living Wage. This would entitle all staff to a decent wage”
There are already several football clubs leading the way by paying their employees the fairer wage, such as Chelsea and Derby County FC. Their commitment to a responsible wage shows that clubs of all sizes - whether Premier League giants or lower league teams - can find the balance to obtain on the pitch success as well as paying their staff a wage for them to live on.
To support Watford Young Green’s call for Watford FC to pay the fairer, real Living Wage, please sign the petition at

Friday, 19 August 2016

Local SWHerts CommunityTV show 19th August 2016

This weeks show consisted of 4 of the regular 5 in the team, +Diane Richardson hosting the show as usual, +Tania Clarke is back with what's on locally and the news, +Neal Emery with all the sport, myself am out reporting on some developments locally from the streets.

+Catherine Baldwin is away in sunny climes having a great time, meanwhile... the team will be reporting on two refurbishments being reopened tomorrow... Cha Cha's cafe in Cassiobury Park is open once more as is the Red Lion pub opposite Watford football ground, just in time for the 1st home match against Chelsea tomorrow. Loads of other fabulous news going on... please do catch all the action below on our regular #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV channel.

Linda Anderson steps up as Co-District Leader for SW Herts

Community building with Link4growth in South West Herts is alive... kicking and growing!! There have been a great deal of new initiatives over the past few months. We have seen the introduction of the Coffee Shop Union, Mocktails evenings, L4GHelp sessions and now Kids Create for 10-13 years old's starting off this September 2016.

We have also begun a Facebook group for L4G SWHerts Community Leaders that brings together anyone who would like to get involved with any aspect of community work. This group meets twice per month. 8pm Fox and Hounds in Rickmansworth High Street (2nd Wednesday of the month) and Reason Cafe, the Parade, 6pm on the fourth Monday of the month. All are welcome and if you would like to find out about what is happening and join in with other local community centric people then please do come along.

All of the above have been enthusiastically contributed to and developed alongside +linda anderson of the +The Kitchen Croxley. Linda has been immersed in community for decades over in Croxley Green and brings years of experience working with faith groups and also charities both in the UK and internationally.

It brings me great pleasure to therefore announce that Linda has agreed to take on the role as Co-District Leader for SW Herts with immediate effect. This appointment will bring some fresh ideas, different perspectives and new dimensions to what we are already doing locally in the area.

I'm sure that everyone in the district along with myself will give Linda a thoroughly warm welcome and wish her all the best as we continue to build community in the SW Herts district.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

How can Link4Growth help Transition in Kings? - Samina Ali and Chris Ogle discuss

+Samina Ali has been involved with Transition in Kings (TiK) for some time now and a variety of other community activities. Samina stayed on to chat with Chris Ogle about TiK, what it is and how it looks to grow a more sustainable way of living in the Kings Langley area and beyond. The Transition movement is an international organisation that seeks to move society away from fossil fuels and live in harmony with the planet. Organisations with lots of people face challenges bot within and getting their message to a wide audience and in this discussion we look at ways +Link4Growth can assist organisations like Transition Town groups (and other community organisations) expand their reach and accelerate their growth.

This video is the second in a series of videos that will assist other groups in finding out how the +Link4Growth platform can help to raise awareness and enable 'people doing things' to reach a much wider audience, and on the flip side for people to be able to discover what is happening locally more easily. This is all part of 'Community Building' and providing a space where all of us can tap into and belong.

#Link4Growth #L4G #HowCanLink4GrowthHelp


Transition in Kings have a real challenge getting their message out there. If they were to do this more effectively then it would
  1. Raise their profile... more people would know they are there
  2. Share the successes of the group and what they have achieved
  3. Increase recognition for those that are involved and spur people on to do more
  4. Engage others and thereby increase the size of the group
  5. Enable more to be done through increased participation
  6. Reach out to the young who seem to understand the need to look after our planet
  7. Raise awareness of what Transition is about and replicate easily in other areas through sharing information
What does Link4Growth provide that Transition in Kings could tap into?
  • Increase and expand local connections through Link4Growth community events
  • Tap into more local businesses who could provide skills, services or even some funding as necessary
  • TiK produce articles monthly (bi-monthly) and these can be shared on the L4G District Community Hub Blog space. This is a free space and the ability to publish can be assigned to one or more people in TiK
  • Link4Skills can provide low cost training on social media to improve the groups ability to share news from TiK amongst friends, acquaintances and colleagues.
  • L4Gtv can assist TiK with interviews not only about what is happening in places like 'the Farm' but also on other projects. This is especially true with regard to getting into schools. School sustainability projects would be amazing and involve teachers, parents, whole families, and then spread to other schools. If initiatives in schools already exist then these can be showcased across the region and nationally too.
  • Improve connections with other groups already working in similar or aligned projects. Increasing engagement, cross fertilization of ideas and builds energy and excitement.
  • Be part of the L4G Sustainability community. A rich source of new ideas with people right across the country. This provides a communication platform to expand and develop sustainability on a national level and enables everyone to connect regardless of organisation. e.g. Transition, TZM, Green Party etc.

How can Link4Growth help Open Floor Dance ~ Catherine Burke and Chris Ogle discuss

Catherine Burke runs a Dance Group with a difference. There is an instructor (guide, assistant) on hand to faciliate but that's where the similarity with other dance groups comes to an end. As you will discover in the video Open Floor Dance is about bringing together movement with mindfullness / meditation and a such goes way beyond the boundaries of just dancing to music (that is great though).

This video is the first in a series of videos that will assist other groups in finding out how the +Link4Growth platform can help to raise awareness and enable 'people doing things' to reach a much wider audience, and on the flip side for people to be able to discover what is happening locally more easily. This is all part of 'Community Building' and providing a space where all of us can tap into and belong.

#Link4Growth #L4G #HowCanLink4GrowthHelp +Samina Ali


Open Floor Dance outside of London is relatively unknown so Catherine has a challenge not only publicising the group but also one of education. People just have no idea what Open Floor Dance really is and therefore why they would participate
  1. Raise the awareness of Open Floor Dance and the benefits
  2. Access a wide spectrum of people from different parts of the community
  3. Engage others and thereby increase the size / frequency of the group
What does Link4Growth provide that Open Floor Dance could tap into?
  • Increase and expand local connections through Link4Growth community events
  • A space in the District Community Hubsite to re-post blogs about Open Floor Dance so this can be shared with a much wider audience
  • Add the Open Floor Dance group as a brand on the Google and register in the #L4GBuyLocal community to regularly share updates and stories
  • Link4Skills education on social media so that more effective use can be made of sharing amongst those participating and the wider Link4Growth community.
  • L4Gtv can assist Open Floor Dance with interviews not only about what Open Floor Dance is, some footage of actual sessions (people permitting) and also interviews with those that enjoy the activity on a regular basis as part of the #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV shows. Relevant video easily accessible to people in the local community and then beyond.
  • Work with other local community groups such as faith groups and community centres to widen access, and perhaps also for further groups / facilities.
  • Join the Health & Wellness TV show with +Andy Fox to share how this can support overall health

Friday, 12 August 2016

Local SWHerts CommunityTV show 12th August 2016

This weeks News Show almost had 3 of our regular 5 presenters +Diane Richardson hosting / producing as usual with +Neal Emery sharing all the local sporting news including a roundup on the eve of the premier league kick off weekend. +Chris Ogle covering charity and the local events... Diane covering the local big news stories of the week.

If you fancy being involved in the show and would like to come on board as either a researcher or presenter under the guidance of +Diane Richardson please do get in touch with the show via @L4GSWHerts or alternatively email