Sunday, 14 August 2016

How can Link4Growth help Open Floor Dance ~ Catherine Burke and Chris Ogle discuss

Catherine Burke runs a Dance Group with a difference. There is an instructor (guide, assistant) on hand to faciliate but that's where the similarity with other dance groups comes to an end. As you will discover in the video Open Floor Dance is about bringing together movement with mindfullness / meditation and a such goes way beyond the boundaries of just dancing to music (that is great though).

This video is the first in a series of videos that will assist other groups in finding out how the +Link4Growth platform can help to raise awareness and enable 'people doing things' to reach a much wider audience, and on the flip side for people to be able to discover what is happening locally more easily. This is all part of 'Community Building' and providing a space where all of us can tap into and belong.

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Open Floor Dance outside of London is relatively unknown so Catherine has a challenge not only publicising the group but also one of education. People just have no idea what Open Floor Dance really is and therefore why they would participate
  1. Raise the awareness of Open Floor Dance and the benefits
  2. Access a wide spectrum of people from different parts of the community
  3. Engage others and thereby increase the size / frequency of the group
What does Link4Growth provide that Open Floor Dance could tap into?
  • Increase and expand local connections through Link4Growth community events
  • A space in the District Community Hubsite to re-post blogs about Open Floor Dance so this can be shared with a much wider audience
  • Add the Open Floor Dance group as a brand on the Google and register in the #L4GBuyLocal community to regularly share updates and stories
  • Link4Skills education on social media so that more effective use can be made of sharing amongst those participating and the wider Link4Growth community.
  • L4Gtv can assist Open Floor Dance with interviews not only about what Open Floor Dance is, some footage of actual sessions (people permitting) and also interviews with those that enjoy the activity on a regular basis as part of the #L4GSWHerts #CommunityTV shows. Relevant video easily accessible to people in the local community and then beyond.
  • Work with other local community groups such as faith groups and community centres to widen access, and perhaps also for further groups / facilities.
  • Join the Health & Wellness TV show with +Andy Fox to share how this can support overall health

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