Sunday, 14 August 2016

How can Link4Growth help Transition in Kings? - Samina Ali and Chris Ogle discuss

+Samina Ali has been involved with Transition in Kings (TiK) for some time now and a variety of other community activities. Samina stayed on to chat with Chris Ogle about TiK, what it is and how it looks to grow a more sustainable way of living in the Kings Langley area and beyond. The Transition movement is an international organisation that seeks to move society away from fossil fuels and live in harmony with the planet. Organisations with lots of people face challenges bot within and getting their message to a wide audience and in this discussion we look at ways +Link4Growth can assist organisations like Transition Town groups (and other community organisations) expand their reach and accelerate their growth.

This video is the second in a series of videos that will assist other groups in finding out how the +Link4Growth platform can help to raise awareness and enable 'people doing things' to reach a much wider audience, and on the flip side for people to be able to discover what is happening locally more easily. This is all part of 'Community Building' and providing a space where all of us can tap into and belong.

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Transition in Kings have a real challenge getting their message out there. If they were to do this more effectively then it would
  1. Raise their profile... more people would know they are there
  2. Share the successes of the group and what they have achieved
  3. Increase recognition for those that are involved and spur people on to do more
  4. Engage others and thereby increase the size of the group
  5. Enable more to be done through increased participation
  6. Reach out to the young who seem to understand the need to look after our planet
  7. Raise awareness of what Transition is about and replicate easily in other areas through sharing information
What does Link4Growth provide that Transition in Kings could tap into?
  • Increase and expand local connections through Link4Growth community events
  • Tap into more local businesses who could provide skills, services or even some funding as necessary
  • TiK produce articles monthly (bi-monthly) and these can be shared on the L4G District Community Hub Blog space. This is a free space and the ability to publish can be assigned to one or more people in TiK
  • Link4Skills can provide low cost training on social media to improve the groups ability to share news from TiK amongst friends, acquaintances and colleagues.
  • L4Gtv can assist TiK with interviews not only about what is happening in places like 'the Farm' but also on other projects. This is especially true with regard to getting into schools. School sustainability projects would be amazing and involve teachers, parents, whole families, and then spread to other schools. If initiatives in schools already exist then these can be showcased across the region and nationally too.
  • Improve connections with other groups already working in similar or aligned projects. Increasing engagement, cross fertilization of ideas and builds energy and excitement.
  • Be part of the L4G Sustainability community. A rich source of new ideas with people right across the country. This provides a communication platform to expand and develop sustainability on a national level and enables everyone to connect regardless of organisation. e.g. Transition, TZM, Green Party etc.

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