Sunday, 28 August 2016

SW Herts Community Hub Website nearing the start line!

The configuration of the South West Herts District Hub Website is now getting towards the finalisation of the setup stage.

The Setup stage is the point where the majority of the components of this local communication platform are in place and we 'the local people' can begin to engage.

The purpose of the SW Herts District Community Hub website is to bring together online into a central place all the great work that is going on in our local communities and make it much more visible.

There is so much good work happening out there, the problem we have had until now is that there has been no central place to put all this information and where people can find it easily. Now not only is there a central place we 'the people' can add the information, engage with each other, and become more active in our communities.

The areas covered are diverse and can be expanded and scaled as the needs of our community change. It is all free to view, access and be part of... if you want to post into the local communities, all you will need is a Google Account (if you have GMail you're more than likely to have one already)... or on the business front a Brand or Places page (easy to set up just contact us to get started).

The District Hub Website delivers the following...
  1. Town Communities, Now we can all be reporters and share what is happening locally. Let everyone else know what is going on. The more we share, the more people can engage
  2. Local feature stories about what is happening locally (are you a budding journalist? get in touch)
  3. Connect to local social Media communities (local Facebook groups, twitter lists)
  4. Town Business Clubs, local business communities (directories), share what's happening in your business, begin networking, collaborating and being part of the local business community
  5. Training and Education central (Find out about easy to consume local training)
  6. What's on Locally, all the major entertainment links you'll need
  7. Local TV, Community Channel, Local History, Youth TV, Sport (if you fancy being part of local community TV then please do get in touch
The SW Herts District Website is ours... the people's, this is a unique opportunity where we have a local platform that we can collectively contribute too... it's free to participate in and is all not for profit... effectively a service to community.

if you want to know more or would like to get involved then please do get in touch... if you would like to start a District Hub Website in your area... then please also get in touch.

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