Friday, 23 September 2016

Kids Create

Every young person is a unique individual with masses of potential. To watch a child grow from a helpless baby, through toddlerhood and the inquisitiveness of childhood to awkward adolescence and then into confident adulthood is a joy, a privilege and something to be celebrated.

Too often however young people do not have the opportunity to fully express themselves. At any one of these stages there is the potential for their development to be slowed or stunted by the intervention of those older than themselves who "know best" and have already made up their minds how life is to be lived.

Education is of course a vital part of any human being's growth and development. To be steered and guided is part of what it means to be community. Since the beginning of time the young have been raised in families both nuclear and extended. Learning with their peers from their elders and neighbours what it means to be a human being living in relationship.

Formal education also has a part to play of course but surely this is where the potential for someone else's creeds to be forced upon a malleable mind, not yet capable of discerning what is truth and what might be the views of those with something of an agenda.

Kids Create is a new initiative that will offer young people the chance to develop their own ideas away from formal education, but within a supportive framework. They will be encouraged to tackle issues close to their hearts whether these be local (how do we cope with dogs fouling the local rec?) to national (what's with all this fracking?) to international (are bombs seriously the answer..?)

You can read much more from David Mills - the visionary behind this exciting initiative - in the Facebook Group here 

If you know of a young person whose passion would match that of those behind this initiative then do please put them in touch with David, Chris or myself. We're excited and can't wait to get started - watch this space for more details!

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