Friday, 23 September 2016

Struggling with marketing, publicity or social media?

Are you a local business, a charity or even a community group that's got a story to tell but really struggling to reach the people that need to know what you've got?

or possibly there are other issues....

Perhaps you are in a pickle with your website and having a bad time of it right now? ... or...  if you are befuddled with all the online 'social media' speak and really just don't get it?  Or perhaps you have been told to get on social media and quite frankly feel it is a complete waste of time...

Then you might want to go along at Noon on the 30th September to +The Kitchen Croxley and have a chat with some people giving up their time freely (absolutely freely... no obligation or commitment or sales pitches) and get a bit of support.

The Kitchen has very kindly offered to play host and a few folk from the local area who know a thing or two about local marketing, community engagement and online technology will be there to see if they can remove a few road blocks and get you pressing forward with your project.

Starting at Noon why not make it a working lunch and come along and partake in some of the local hostelry fayre... there are excellent coffees, mouth watering cakes and toasted sandwiches and paninis ... something for everyone... (help is free... you must pay for your own refreshments)

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