Sunday, 23 October 2016

Business Award for Local 'Womens Lawyer' ~ Camilla Khawaja-Choudhury

The recognition of my work is very humbling, the fact of the matter is, The Women’s Lawyer, is a simple concept which was for many a year, remained a figment of my imagination; a dream that finally realised in 2012 amidst the government announcement of legal aid cuts.

It is imperative people have access to justice, the view that ‘justice in England is open to all, like the Ritz Hotel’, Sir James Matthews, must be addressed and changed; my practice is a very small attempt to make a big difference. I assist women with Divorce, Cohabitational Breakdown, Financial and Children Matters. Legal Aid is not available for such cases and the impact of this has led to severely unfair outcomes, in relation to both cases involving contact and money. Justice must be made available to all, the key to this is awareness and education; but most importantly affordable legal advice, which is what I provide.

I won the Best Business Woman in Legal Services Award this week, the Award is in recognition of my work with women on low incomes, those whom may have been entitled to legal aid, pre the cuts. The Award also highlighted my work in the community, I hold a free legal surgery fortnightly in Tesco Extra, Watford; this too has been a huge success.

Link4Growth were with me from the very outset, offering support and opportunity by way of spreading the word amongst the community in Watford; this was an invaluable support and allowed me to reach people whom perhaps may not have known of the support available.

The Best Business Women Awards (BBWA) are all about recognising great women in the business community. The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs who not only run successful businesses but in many cases also juggle the needs of their families.

Contact :   @thewomenslawyer


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