Monday, 3 October 2016

Calling all budding Journalists!

Are you a young writer? Are you looking to get into media, communications or journalism? Would you like an opportunity to practice writing and help your local community at the same time?

If so then we'd love to hear from you. South West Herts has launched its Community Communications Hub. The purpose of this hub is to ensure that the good news that happens in our local community gets out there and all of us have the chance to find out what is going on locally. 97% of what goes on in community is great stuff, but where can we report that? I mean... report it ourselves, without needing approval of an editor or someone else who is 'in charge' or has another agenda.

If we could get to report all the good work that is going on in the community, we would start to realise that actually where we live has a lot going for it... we just didn't know... but now, we can really find out!

You'll also be involved in the first of its type. We will be rolling out over 80 of these community communication hubs right around the country and we're starting right here in South West Herts. They are free for people to use and each town / suburb / village also has its own notice boards so that literally everyone who wants too can add posts and no piece of news needs to be missed...

Full training on how to use the platform will be given... just a desire to write, learn and contribute is all you'll need.

We will be running two workshops in October for people to come and learn how they can begin to take advantage of this exciting new platform... the 12th and the 26th of October both will be at +The Kitchen Croxley from 7:00-9:30pm. This is our chance to participate in our communities and feel like we belong.

Please email for further information or tweet @L4GSWHerts ... or stop by the Kitchen in Croxley and ask for +linda anderson (and maybe buy a coffee an some cake)

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