Friday, 28 October 2016

Council Expenditure information lagging and interesting figures too!

The council should be providing us with an up to date list of all expenditure over £500 in any calendar month... at the moment the councils website only goes up to the end of the financial year March 2016... which I think ought to be sorted... anyone know who should be contacted to deal with that?

Also there are some very interesting payments... huge amounts go out each month in B&B payments... I am not saying these aren't valid... but shouldn't that money be used in perhaps a different way? worth considering at least or querying how that money is being spent... Simply Pleasure Limited got a payment around the 20th Jan 2016... not sure what that was about... but interesting nonetheless...

Worth a look... sorted in biggest expense first... the December 2015-through March 2016 spreadsheets listed folder below...

Council expenditure over £500 folder

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