Friday, 7 October 2016

Reason Coffee Shop paving the way to Sustainability with takeout Coffee Cups!

You might not know this but there was a huge outcry a few weeks back as people woke up to the fact that our beloved take out coffee cups are not actually bio degradable.

One could have been excused as the vast majority of us have been for thinking that as they are paper of course they will compost that goes without saying... Unfortunately not so. The Lining in these cups is made from oil and hence they are landfill like a lot of other products we probably assume will degrade easily. If you consider the success of the Coffee Shop culture not just here but across the world then you can envisage the magnitude of this problem; it is huge! You see people walking about holding a coffee cup everywhere you go... 20 years ago, no one did this.

So +Reason Coffee Shop and Book Store in the Parade Watford High Street has lead the way by sourcing a totally degradable take out coffee cup. +Neal Emery (the proprietor) has sourced this from Holland, and this is inline with his philosophy of leading awareness to a more sustainable and harmonious way of living on this planet. Please take a look at the video below as Neal shares more details with us.

I am sure that as part of the +Coffee Shop Union and as our local independents begin to discuss this matter between them we will see all of our local independents switching to alternative suppliers. One of the key benefits of being part of the Coffee Shop Union is the sharing of knowledge and information and the speed with which changes can be implemented.

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