Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Can you share a little with others this December?

It's a mean month December. Not for those whizzing off to the shops to get presents for friends and family. Not for those enjoying the festive traditional candle lit lunch that slowly yields to dusk as the early evening draws in and claims yet another Christmas day.

But for those where things haven't quite gone according to plan this year, or in recent times, this can be a thoroughly miserable time. Maybe hopping from one place to another, maybe scratching just enough together to make ends meet each week... or perhaps having to make the decision between food or warmth again this year. Perhaps children in these circumstances would be grateful for an empty box to play with let alone the gift which came inside. December can be a cruel month for parents. Many will also pile on debt till the new year knowing that this will mean tough decisions come January... but at least until then...

If we look at what Christmas delivers for us even if we think we are not; we are rich beyond the wildest dreams of a great many that inhabit this planet. So can we put something aside to help our fellow human beings who are struggling today? Can we give a little to soothe the suffering without expecting anything in return. A kind deed from one human to another? ... we just need more of this don't we? ... and not just for Christmas.

Here's an idea... get a 'bag for life' or a box like what they are doing in Torbay and put something aside each day in the form of a mini hamper... you can look on the Watford FoodBanks website for items that they
know will be needed... or why not add a bar of chocolate, some socks (always needed and cold feet are the worst), some female hygiene products (no woman ever told me these were a luxury) ... deodorants maybe... they are not items that are life or death but they might bring a bit of cheer or comfort in an otherwise dreary time. When you get closer to Xmas take your bag or box to the Foodbank... you might just make someones (or a few people's) Christmas that little bit easier.

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