Sunday, 6 November 2016

Cassiobury Park 5th November Fireworks Display

This year firework night the 5th November coincided with a Saturday night... not only was it a Saturday but it was a dry Saturday too. Many is the time that I have wandered into the foray on dark November nights to struggle to stand up, the whole area turned into a quagmire.

Not so yesterday though... a tad blustery... probably 4 or 5c but dry and there must have been close to 10,000 people it was a very busy event. As is the custom these days there was a stage upon which +Vibe 107.6 hosted the evening with music, chat and the odd competition and audience participation. Vans selling all manner of foods... including Ice Cream I spotted... bouncy castles, fun fair rides... in fact something for everyone building up for the 7:30pm firework display of 19 minute duration.

As you will see in the short video clip the iconic tree that sits upon the top of the escarpment is lit up for all to see and provides a great backdrop to the fireworks... the video is the last 5 or so minutes of the display...

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