Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Health Tech woman of the month awarded for local Watfordian

Local Watfordian Lisa Emery has been nominated as Health Tech woman of the month for November. Lisa who lives in central Watford started her career as a Biomedical Scientist in Watford Hospital and has now returned there as the chief information officer (CIO), being promoted from the earlier position of Associate Director of IT.

Lisa says that
"What drives me on is that great IT can, and often does, support great care. It can increase safety and free up the time of busy clinical staff to concentrate on their patients. Every single week, at an NHS hospital, there are ways that technology is playing its part in healthcare"
Information Technology is the glue that now connects everything together in our modern hospitals and there is a lot of complexity in delivering care... from initial screening and diagnosis when a patient is brought into A&E right through to when a patient is sent home (with 2 weeks of medication) ... IT systems are there to support the doctors and care staff throughout. Making sure that this IT is up and running, resilient, and performs for the health team is a vital component in our NHS service.

For the full report in the Health Tech journal click here.

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