Monday, 21 November 2016

Neighbourhood Networks in South West Herts

Local helpful neighbourhoods is an idea initiated by +Mark Barrett in Norwich. This is not the first time that ideas for bringing communities together has been tried, projects like the 'Big Lunch' have already created life long friendships... but could we do more in South West Herts? Mark has started a Facebook group - Neighbourhoods and beyond to open up discussion about reconnecting us with our neighbours and bringing together those who feel it's important.

So what could we do?

So the idea is very simple, most of us would agree that our neighbourhoods would be much nicer places to live if we knew the people around us. It 'used to be like that' many of the people I meet have said, but not any more. The 'Big Lunch' if nothing else, brings people together, and people still remember fondly those events and the people that they met for the first time who very often only lived a few doors away.

What if we were to hold regular gatherings? not just 'one offs' which might work for some but not others. But regular opportunities for our neighbourhoods to come together perhaps at different times of the day and/or weekends to engage, connect, talk to each other... share stories, memories, skills, collaborate... whatever works for the local community. Organising big events can take a lot of work... but what if we used all the modern tools to make it much easier... facebook, whatsapp, messenger groups, email... and good old methods too... phone... leaflets (hand delivered by ourselves), door knocking and of course... talking to each other in the street.

Could we eradicate loneliness in some of our neighbours? ... could we invite people on their own round for dinner? ... Christmas? ... could we pop in for a coffee or tea? ... or just help out with some shopping or a lift to the hospital? Wouldn't it be just so much better if we could say hello easily to someone we meet outside without the awkwardness... what if we joined these street groups together to create real community in our area and then beyond?

How we feel and our view of the world can often change in an instant with a chance encounter.... a friendly smile... a helping hand, support from those who live around us. But it would be so much easier if we knew those we could easily reach out to... almost like an extended family!

What can you do?

If you would like to help make this happen then why not get in touch with us? Please just complete the Contact Us form if you would like to find out more.

... there are so many neighbourhoods in South West Herts with people completely detached and who don't see a soul from week to week... if all we did is work together to eliminate loneliness, this, 'on its own' would be a project that would change lives irrevocably... forever... something to think about...

It has never been truer that it is today...

It takes a village to bring up a child... but it also takes a village to take care of an elderly person

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