Monday, 21 November 2016

Positive News is good for us, shall we?

An article in Positive.News confirms that reading positive stories creates admiration for others and restores faith in humanity... What if we did this in our own back yard... our own neighbourhoods? ... this is what the Community Communication Hubs have been set up to do... spread the 97% of good news which is happening all around us but is invisible...

Consuming positive news can lead to increased acceptance of others, a feeling of community and motivation to contribute to social change, new research shows
Titled ‘Publishing the Positive’, the research demonstrates that at a time of divisive politics, positive news stories have the potential to unite, inspire and empower groups of people in society.
Positive psychology researcher Jodie Jackson, who conducted the study at the University of East London, said: “Participants expressed that an excess of negative news led them to see the negative in other people, and feel isolated from society. However, the opposite was experienced when participants read positive news, which created a sense of admiration for other people and ‘restored [their] faith in humanity’.”

If you have a local positive news story then we want to hear it!! ... Please complete the Contact Us form... maybe the time for us all to do our bit has arrived!

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