Thursday, 8 December 2016

Are you interested in Health? Food? Spreading the word?

This South West Herts Community Communications Hub has been created to cover all aspects of community. But one of the most important services is to connect people who are interested in similar things. One of those things is Health.

Now Health is an enormous topic and covers everything from different eating styles, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free through to mental health such as loneliness or self harm, exercising (how to do it) or even just an explanation of basic food and how to cook it.

Are you involved in any aspect of health? 

... if so would you be interested in being part of the SW Herts initiative to grow a Health Support System. This is something that we 'the people' put together as a community driven initiative to start supporting and nurturing each other with respect to Health.

Before we start let's make absolutely clear this is not about replacing or doing anything the NHS is doing. This is about all the gaps in the services that are no longer provided. Nutritional guidance, Mental health support, signposting, even just looking out for the older generation making sure they are ok.

There is so much that needs doing... and there is so much expertise out there in the community. I know at least 6 ex-mental health workers who no longer believed in what they were being asked to do, and who knew that there were better ways other than drugs to help patients. Sadly no longer able to share their skills and knowledge.

The NHS needs us to support it, or it will be private all the way

If we the people do not step in to provide community based support for our neighbours then the inevitable will happen... it will be commercialised and the have's and have not's resurgent once more. How we can support our health service? provide the bits ourselves it can no longer sustain? ... real care from the community? 

First we need to start bringing people together

Collectively we know that there are a lot of challenges out there in our community, we probably can all think of someone in our own street?  To find alternative ways to meet the needs of our community one way is to get together, talk, have conversations, innovate and create.

Then together we can begin to take action...

If we collectively discuss some of the things that are not working in our community in relation to health but actually, any aspect. And we start to get creative about alternative ways we could use our resources. We might just surprise ourselves. We might find we are more innovative and creative than we ever thought possible and just maybe we could find things that not only we could do but others in other towns can replicate too. 

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