Monday, 19 December 2016

New Oxhey Community ready to roll

Following a conversation with +sandy belloni who is doing excellent work in the District it was agreed that Oxhey and Oxhey Village would really benefit from its own Community on the Communications Hub.

Sandy has three huge projects on the go, which include, Oxhey Park, The Paddock Wood allotments (of which he is chair of the association) and also Watford in the Water (conservation of the River Colne and lots more besides).

The Oxhey Community will enable all the posts that are in the separate Facebook Groups to be housed in one community on the communications hub. This will enable visitors to narrow down selection to any of the individual interest areas and / or to see what is happening in any of them. Bringing all three into one area will simplify viewing but also enable cross fertilisation of interest into the other areas.

Oxhey and Oxhey village will also share a calendar with Bushey. This means that all the activities for local community events can be located in a single calendar. The calendar can be updated by multiple people which means that it should be possible with a group of use to ensure that all local events can be found in one place. It's always a challenge to get everything in one place... but if we work together we can now do this via the community hub... plus all the other areas of SW Herts have their own calendars too... making it easy to see what is going on around us as well.

The community can be accessed via this link : Oxhey Community ... or you can find the link over on the right hand side under the Community section...

If you would like to participate in the community and begin to post / comment along with Sandy (everyone is welcome to do this and it isn't difficult) ... then please do ask to join. If you haven't yet created a Google account the follow this link to get one set up. Google accounts are simple to set up and free to use.

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