Sunday, 4 December 2016

The beginning of #WalkTimeTV with Chris

As one door close another opens. A couple of weeks ago we decided to bring the final curtain down on the weekly TV show. We learned a huge amount doing that show and it was great to connect with all the different sources of information available in the area... we all learnt a huge amount. But those days have drawn to a close...

Hello #WalkTimeTV with Chris

So what is WalkTimeTV... quite simply I am going to be walking along streets in our SW Herts District with a local person who knows the history of the street... has lived there for some time and they are going to tell us some stories about the street while we walk along.

I will be using #GoogleGlass to record the conversation whilst we walk and therefore you will be able to see what I see as we chat. Each walk will be less than 10 minutes, so nothing too onerous... 

So who, what are we looking for? ... anyone who has a great knowledge of their street... please get in touch... This is nothing serious it is a great opportunity for us all to learn more about the area in an informal and interesting way... if we don't get this information out of people's heads we will lose it... so this is a really important piece of history making too! ... 

Email :
Use the Contact us Form : Mention #WalkTimeTV 

Let us bring the history of the area to life... and you can help us!

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