Sunday, 18 December 2016

WalkTimeTV with Chris and guest David Sawyer

+David Sawyer  and Chris Ogle take to the streets in another episode of #WalktimeTV with Chris. Today Chris is in Southwold Road talking to David who has lived in this street for 35+ years.

Southwold Road is a road in North Watford which runs between Bushey Mill Lane and Windsor Road which ultimately rejoins St. Albans Road.

Many of the houses in this area were built for the rising number of railway workers and the housing stock is terraced 2 or 3 bedroom properties. Interestingly many of these houses weren't built with a bathroom. The population density meant that schools were needed and these both feature in the conversation.

This is part of a whole series of getting to know our local streets and their history. If you have lived in an area for a long time or you know someone with a strong history of an area then please do let us know... we would love to talk to them...

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