Sunday, 29 January 2017

Colour and Connect a new community group for SW Herts

There has been a lot of talk about colouring and specifically colouring-in sessions on my periphery for a while. +Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore had some colouring sessions going on and I had heard of others too.

It seems that colouring actually has some significant benefits. It is relaxing... it is meditative and it is social too when undertaken in groups, and... anyone can do it so very inclusive (any age too!)... can also double up as a kind of self help support group function too. As we focus on what is a fairly simple task, using a colouring pencil to fill in shapes on a piece of board or paper we naturally begin to quieten the mind. The simple task allows the brain time to focus and yet rest at the same time.

So what is this new group?

Well it is Colour & Connect click the link to go over there and take a look. The first event will be hosted at +The Kitchen Croxley on Friday 10th February at 12:30-2:30 pm your hosts will be Nicky and Linda.

Through conversation, connection and discussion other events, times, venues and dates will be organised to accommodate different diary requirements. It would be fabulous if others in the area begun groups around their neighbourhood's too. It is expected that the Kitchen in Croxley will be a firm regular on this 2nd Friday of the month, so please do add this to your diary.

Do also have a look around the Website. Originally put together one evening in a pub in less than 2 hours and significantly enhanced by Nicky since then... Free to create, host and maintain... and mobile friendly a must for any local project or group looking to share what they are doing... 

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