Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Have you got ideas to improve your local community?

There are so many things that could be improved in our communities. I hear people every day saying what the Council 'should be doing'... or coming up with ideas for other people to implement. There is definitely no shortage of things that need doing... and it would seem no shortage of solutions either.

Mostly though the ideas never get realised and the problems persist. We just get used to it being not right and put up with it. Why is that?

There are quite a few reasons why these challenges are not tackled.

  1. People come up with ideas but there is no mechanism to convert the idea. No mechanism to share it, connect with others who might share the passion, and then go on to implement the ideas.
  2. It all seems so difficult. I'm only one person, what can I do alone? Who is going to help me?
  3. We focus on the reasons why things can't be done, not innovating solutions and alternatives with the resources that we do have.

Basically we abdicate our power to those that 'ought to be taking care of things'. Very often this is the council. Just imagine for a moment being in the council. One of the people charged with improving things locally. These people are trying to come up with solutions for our communities all the time but really what chance do they have?

  • Distrusted as those in suits from the 'other side' by many
  • Guessing what the problems are very often, as their knowledge and connections are limited
  • Unconnected from the people effected and unaided by those who know what is needed i.e. those on the ground in the community.
  • Limited and decreasing finances to provide anywhere near what is really needed, only desperate undertakings being considered seriously.

What if?

We began to get ourselves organised. Got together as a community on a regular basis and started to form project groups to take on some of the grass roots projects that could make a huge difference in some peoples lives.

What if we started to invite those from the Council along to actually hear from the horses mouth what the problems are so they were able to ascertain what resources they might have to assist us in tackling the issues.

What if we began to take responsibility back... and began to take action? ... we could... we can actually...

Link4Coffee with Intent

Starting at  +The Kitchen Croxley on Wednesday 1st February from 5:30pm we are hosting the first of the bi-weekly community action events; Link4Coffee with Intent. A chance to get together with others in the local community who want to start to improve our community and make a contribution. Why not you? Short notice I know... but here is the link for tomorrow if you would like to come along.

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