Monday, 16 January 2017

Hertsmere change of boundaries

Picture courtesy of the Watford Observer
I wouldn't normally post a link to Hertsmere as this is the community communications hub for South West Herts, however these boundary changes effect some of the wards in our district.

Talking with Eric Bishop the recently retired Mayor of Three Rivers Council, Carpenders Park is up for a reshuffle into Hertsmere. This would mean that if people wanted to see their MP they would no longer be able to easily access surgeries and consultations as they probably would have to get over to Potters Bar to do so.

More details can be found via the +Watford Observer website... here is the link to the actual post where you can find out more information and how you can voice you views and get involved in the process.

Link to the article on the changes to the Hertsmere Boundaries via the Watford Observer

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