Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New for 2017...Retweeting your tweets...

New Year, New ideas... let us get creative and innovative!

Many of you may already know that Link4Growth is SW Herts has its own Twitter account, the twitter name is @ L4GSWHerts. So we're going to create a list of people that support community building in SW Herts this will be a list accessible via the twitter account... anyone who is a subscriber to +Link4Growth can be added to the list.

Whenever you tweet if you feel it's appropriate just add the tag #L4GSWHerts to your tweet and we will support your post with a like and/or retweet. We will use discretion on retweeting, blatant adverts for your business should be used conservatively.

Why are we doing this? ... well there are a lot of people out there doing great community work... if we can start to collaborate and share what is happening with a bit of organisation (not much), more people will know what is going on... more people will engage and community activity increases. Everyone wins!!

Question 1. So how do you subscribe to Link4Growth?
You can do this for £3 per month via the Link4Growth main website just follow this link

Question 2. How do I ask to be in the L4GSWHerts list?
Well if you are an existing Link4Growth subscriber, just copy the text below into a tweet and post...

Please add me to the SW Herts Community supporter list @L4GSWHerts 

If you are not an existing subscriber and would like to participate with us in community building please do subscribe first (question 1 above) and then follow that up with step 2 (question 2).

To see the list and tweets... then follow this link

We also have lots of events happening in the area for people to get together and start to connect up the dots... Being signposted and picking up local information can really make a difference so please do come and join us... events are listed here.

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