Saturday, 21 January 2017

New mobile friendly website for local knitting group

Photo Lynne's Sewing Box - Watford Market
Lynne's Sewing Box - Watford Market
The "Stitch in Time" knitting group have been meeting now for some 2-3 years. Initially they met in +The LP Cafe right at the top of #Watford Parade... nowadays they are at +Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore and also the Stanborough centre in Garston.

The founder +Jenny Young a local seamstress from Leavesden started the group originally with intentions of maybe teaching knitting and crocheting possibly then following up with running classes and sharing her knowledge but over the years it has actually turned into more of a community support group.

Meeting twice a week the group is looking to expand and as a community project, the local +Link4Growth SW Herts technical team jumped in to put together a simple mobile friendly website to assist with the group's promotion. Visit the Stitch in Time website here

One of the challenges for all small groups is finding ways to spread their message about what they do so that more people can find them. Websites are ideal because if you have the internet you can just visit the site if you get sent the link. Social Media platforms require people to have accounts... be connected and then know how to use the platforms... emailing or texting even a web address is far simpler and today the most ubiquitous technology.

Photo Lynne's Sewing Box - Watford Market
Lynne's Sewing Box - Watford Market
This South West Herts Community Communications and Media Hub has been set up to spread the word about people like Jenny and anyone doing great things in the community such as 'Stitch in Time'. 

Do you know any local projects that could do with more 'Airtime'? ... perhaps a website, maybe a video, an article about what they are doing...  if so please do email  or  complete the form on the Contact Us page ... or just tweet us on @L4GSWHerts

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