Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Taking Action with Sandy Belloni in Oxhey Park

Catching river pollution - implemented by Sandy
Not one for sitting around talking, Oxhey should be very grateful for Sandy Belloni. Sandy is very active on many community projects in the Oxhey area but I for one hadn't even heard of him... Not uncommon and one of the things this community communications hub is about... enabling us to see who is doing good work and recognising them for it.

+sandy belloni has 3 main projects. He works tirelessly to keep Oxhey Park a safe, pleasant and clean place for us all to enjoy... he is part of the management team of the Paddock Woods allotment group and he is very active in helping to manage and take care of the rivers and waterways right down to Slough from St. Albans.

After Sandy has worked his magic
Sandy works with many local volunteers including young people who are finding it difficult in this stressful society. Outdoors and working as a team Sandy has managed to bring together project teams that are providing a real example to us all of what is possible... if we get together and take action.

A few days back Sandy posted into the FB Group Friends of Oxhey Park, some updates...

"Cleared the boom, plan to do some more litter picking tomorrow on the North side. I trapped some crayfish requested by West Herts College catering department (I have an EA licence) , also I've got to go and return 5 rugby balls collected from the boom at some time!"

"Brought Crayfish into West Herts College. Then collected 11 bags of litter from the Colne's North Side from the Viaduct to the cycle bridge including approximately 350 plastic bottles. I've included pictures of the boom cleared and the new railings."

Sandy mentioned to me when we spoke that he is always looking for volunteers... people who would like to get involved in a whole variety of different group activities... from picking up leaves in the autumn... helping with rubbish gathering, to building new paths and steps. There is always something that needs doing.

Do connect with Sandy on Facebook or on here... or nip over to the contact us page and drop us a note and we'll get you connected.

More details over in the Oxhey Community here.

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