Sunday, 29 January 2017

Town Business Creative gets off to an interesting start in Watford

On Thursday evening last week at The Fresh Shop we turned our regular Link4Business event into our 2017 version. Call it Link4Business-i maybe, where the 'i' stands for Innovation.

So what is the Town Business Creative?

Well to keep it simple the purpose is to encourage innovation and creativity in our local business community. The Intent is that if we have a flourishing local business environment then this will assist our local communities too.

Step 1 - Bring local businesses together
Local events where we come together to pool our resources and talents. Collectively we are an entrepreneurial lot. We are resourceful, we know how to come up with solutions and then take action. We do this in our own businesses.

Step 2 - Collectively Innovate and Create
There is something about being in a group of people who are firing off ideas, innovating and creating sparring off each other. We can only innovate ourselves within the boundaries of our own understanding. When we are in a group then we can expand each others thinking well beyond the limits of our own experience.

Step 3 - Develop Projects and Take Action
Talking and discussing is great but making a difference requires taking action. From these events those who are interested to take action can form projects and then start to create using the ideas and innovations from the group.

Step 4 - Tangible evidence of improved business
With projects being developed, actions being taken and results being experienced we will start to see the impact of our collective energy in the the local business community. We want to evoke a strong #BuyLocal ethic in our communities and support for all local businesses.

How does it work?

Each month a host is selected from the group to chair the group. This month it was myself and the topic we were innovating for was a Local Business Newsletter that goes out bi-weekly. Lots of ideas and suggestions were tabled. Now a project will be formed and a small team to deliver the Newsletter. A website will be created to enable us to easily collect stories and to showcase the previous newsletters. People will be able to easily subscribe via the website for the newsletter too.

The Newsletter website will feature as one of the projects that has been initiated though the SW Herts Community Hub (Operated by IPSL), Town Business Creatives and the Link4Growth SWHerts District.

More information

For more information about the Town Business Creatives about how you can get involved or perhaps how you can join us then tweet us on: L4GSWHerts or email: ... or comment on this post and we'll get back in touch as soon as we can.

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