Sunday, 15 January 2017

Town Business Creative Kicks off Monday 16th Jan 2017

At last... The Town Business Creative for Rickmansworth (and areas in close proximity) kicks off tomorrow evening 6:30pm at Basing House... So what is a Town Business Creative event?

"The Town Business Creative is an initiative to bring together entrepreneurs and businesses owners in the town to innovate and Create. By innovating and creating for ourselves we will also inspire others to think outside the box too, to consider alternative ideas and solutions to the challenges we each face. When we 'collaborate with intent' to improve our own businesses, we will in turn improve the local business economy."

Many of us are conditioned to try and find solutions to our challenges from within the box... what about daring to look beyond the 'traditional', 'the way it's always been done' ... what we know... what about experimenting and new ideas... new thinking? ... that's the town business creatives...

Actually if you would like to be amongst a group of mavericks, people who don't want to follow but perhaps take a chance... lead... innovate... and take a bit of a risk... then maybe Link4Business in SW Herts is for you...

NB: This isn't for those who want to just tell others what they do... or sell to others. This is for people who want to 'open the box', 'share ideas' and 'dare to think'. 

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1st Time visitors use the code : 1stVisit  ... to reduce the cost to zero

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