Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Welcome to 2017!

If you thought last year was bad, change
A very happy New Year to you and your families from all those supporting the growth of local community in SW Herts.

I hope you have had a chance to reflect on what for many has been a difficult 2016, myself included... apart from anything else my mother spent 18 weeks in hospital which presented its own set of challenges.

Whatever you thought of 2016... the worst ever, the beginning of the end... a slow slide into the abyss or perhaps... people finally saying hang on we don't want to continue down this path, and a chance to actually maybe begin the process of rebuilding society from the grass roots up... the choice is yours.

I like to think we have turned a corner, that optimism coupled with a strong desire to actually get involved in local projects and make a real difference is where it is at? Enough of division and politics... enough of posturing and the constant chase for more of everything. Perhaps we might have a real opportunity here to start creating what we do want... focusing on how we can work together, collaborate, innovate and build something that hitherto has not been forthcoming... as the saying goes (slightly amended) ... "if it is going to be then it is up to WE"

Let's be a light this year
So a quick update for you... I have been away for an extended break. I did need it and it gave me the space to rest (that was essential), think (that was essential), plan (that was essential) and now start to put into place the plans for community building in SW Herts applying the Link4Growth services.

There are so many people doing great work already in our community we just don't know about it. So in 2017, let's celebrate all the good stuff that is already going on and fill it up with an amazing number of new ideas too.

One of the major changes to 2017 is going to be introduce as part of our Coffee and Drinks events Innovation. If we are going to improve what goes on around us then we are likely to have to utilise the resources we have in different ways to come up with alternatives (lots of them) ... so let's come together and discuss what challenges we have and how we might do things better... or if you have a great idea, how can we get it up and running fast... engage more people... and start delivering real results.

Link4Business will have its format changed to be far more innovative so we as business people can develop our capacity for working together, collaborating on projects, and helping all local independent businesses to succeed... this is going to be absolutely awesome! What could we do if all us entrepreneurs worked on things together instead of thinking we have to compete all the time?

I believe that 2017 is going to be a year where the community begins to take responsibility for itself... if you share that view then please do get in touch contact us either via email: southwesthertsDL@link4growth.biz or alternatively head over to the Contact Us page and drop us a note there... we really can create what we want... first though we have to believe it... let's believe!!

I will be +Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore on Monday 9th Jan... if you would like to catch up with all the changes as +Link4Growth move towards an association then please join us from 10:00am

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