Thursday, 23 February 2017

Business Post: What are we waiting for?

One of the biggest challenges for anyone running a small independent business these days is that the variety of things that need doing and that it is impossible to have all the knowledge to do everything.

I know as a business owner myself the stop / start nature of getting things done. Something that you might want to do, and on the face of it would consider it to be no big task comes to a grinding halt as a combination of

  1. Lack of technical knowledge
  2. Waiting to have the money to get the task started
  3. Trying to find the right person to help
  4. The continual back and forth trying to work with others who have a busy schedule too
All the best intentions get thwarted as delay after delay, wait and wait saps the very energy and enthusiasm from your project. It's no wonder people end up going with someone recommended by another in desperation and just throw money at it to get the 'thing' finished.

We are constantly waiting for something to happen 

The biggest challenges seem to be around the use of technology. Probably IT knowledge, blind alleys, 2 steps forward 3 backwards, and using the wrong tools for the job, account for the majority of the delays.

The biggest sacrilege in all of this is that Small Independent Businesses are severely hampered by their ineffective online communication. That could be because, the tool they are using is wrong, or they don't know how to use the tool... or it might be that they don't even know a tool exists! Couple this with lack of willingness to get stuck in and give it a go means... we're often waiting around for expensive experts. Only to find out the expensive lesson (much later after wasting a lot of time)... that the expert was not an expert after all... just a few steps ahead of yourself ... been there???

What if you could easily and effectively create simple information pods for different aspects of what you do? What if you could just create them yourself? ... change them when you want... and they cost nothing to produce except your time?

When sitting back and thinking about the power of this it's absolutely mind blowing. Have you ever found yourself explaining a service or product you offer over and over again to different people?  Haven't you thought to yourself... groan, I've got to explain this all over again? ... it's tiresome isn't it? especially for the 1,000th time!

Or... you have a new project, something you really want to tell people about and quickly... you have pictures... you might even have copy... but where on earth do you put it?? 

We would like to explain clearly and effectively

  • The problem that we are solving
  • What we are actually delivering
  • Where we are going to deliver it
  • How much it costs
  • Call to action, either buying the service / product or making contact

... it needs to be low cost... it needs to quick and easy to do... most importantly you should be able to do it... STOP THE WAITING!

So what if you could take that explanation (story) and put it into a mini website which you could easily share for these kinds of situations? You can update it whenever it needs changing... and you can just forward on to whoever is asking for the info. You can of course share on social media, link back to your main website, put into newsletters... the use of these is infinite. Plus you can easily add forms to collect names and auto put into a spreadsheet... this makes them ideal as list building services too. All for FREE!!

Below are a few examples of these 'Information Pods'. Please do take a look and if you are interested in finding out how you could use them for your business... do email: or tweet to  @ L4GSWHerts

South West Herts Community Projects :
(the above site also contains links to 4 or so other sites also created using the platform)

IPSL Innovation - People - Skills - Linkgrowth :

As a final note...

This isn't taking work from web developers and web designers. This is work that would never have got to a web developer. These are supplementary additional information 'Pods' that enhance and embellish other online colateral. 

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