Sunday, 12 February 2017

Cassiobury Park progress with £6m upgrade with Borras

Well the Park is looking a little different down near the river these days. Spotted a post in the +Watford Observer about progress so thought I'd take a walk down and see how things are for myself.

As you can see things have progressed quite a lot. The Community Hub building looks to be nearing completion. Maybe a fair amount of internal work still to do but the main structure looks to have been sorted. There is also a lot of groundworks still to be finished but opening in spring 2017 definitely looks like that is on the cards. The outside area which I assume are water springs and paddling pool areas look now almost complete too.

Today the weather was what I would say was a typical February day. The trees dank and wet in the neither rain nor dry greyness of a cold 4c day. It always feels much colder in England as the moisture really does get right into your bones.

The Bandstand looked a little lost in the grey too. The bright colours seemingly sapped away by the greyness of winter as it defiantly stood there in the middle of the park. I've always liked that tree which appears to stand over the bandstand in this picture... and in the distance on the left the reborn Cha Cha coffee shop. You can see the full selection of pictures over on the Watford Community click here to go visit.

I'm not sure how the £6m in Lottery funding with contributions from the council ends up being distributed. You tend to go on trust with these things. £6m seems like a lot of money for what has been delivered. A big house with a landscaped garden... is pretty much what we have above... looks quite nice though.

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