Sunday, 26 February 2017

Olio launches with Sustainable Watford

A local sustainability Group has been set up with a mission to make Watford Carbon Neutral by 2030. The idea is already gathering support from local people with a passion to spread the message of more sustainable and less wasteful communities.

The group is based out of the Reason Coffee Shop & Bookstore in the Parade, which is fast becoming a community hub to inspire local people to take action with new and existing initiatives.

Neal Emery speaking on behalf of Sustainable Watford says that there are already a myriad of great projects going on out there within the remit of our mission and we are encouraging them to get in touch. We are much stronger if we work together. We can easily raise the profile of groups... spread the word... increase awareness, engagement and participation. We all have great experience, knowledge and different connections... imagine if we brought all that together what we could do? ... there has never been a better time!

To get things off to a powerful start Sustainable Watford are launching Olio for the Watford Area. You can learn all about Olio via their website... In a sentence Olio enables (mainly) food items (but not exclusively) to be registered on a mobile application. Local users of Olio can then scan the registered items, make contact, and arrange for pickup / delivery all free of charge. With 1/3 of food wasted it is hoped that Olio can make a significant impact in Watford and beyond. This is a really simple way that anyone in our community can begin to participate with sustainability and have a bit of fun with it too.

Neal has now confirmed that +Reason ..... coffee shop and Bookstore is the first official Drop Off point for Olio locally. Drop off points are a practical solution for people wishing to participate but who are perhaps out all day or, who might be concerned about people calling. The items go through the same process except that the goods are labelled and made available through a drop off point. Reason Coffee Shop and Bookstore is the first 'drop-off' point of its type in Watford but Neal is confident that each Ward in the Watford district (12) will have drop off points in the near future.

Please join in with Sustainable Watford via the facebook link below and take a look at the video recorded with Neal sharing the news about the Olio initiative.

Sustainable Watford FB Group can be found here

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