Friday, 17 February 2017

Two local Newsletters to assist in growing our local communities

There are newsletters from the Mayor and there are newsletters from the MP both telling us what they are doing and what they are up too... there are some newsletters from community groups and residents associations which let us know what is happening close by... but there isn't much in the way of community news for our area which is basically the SW Herts district.

The Watford Observer does a reasonable job, but for those that don't like their style of reporting, or would like to hear more about the good news that is happening in our community then we have a real gap.

So In SW Herts there are two new newsletters being launched this month. One is for the SW Herts local business community and the other just for community news and stories. Two websites have been put together to explain more about each of them... and these can be found just below...

Business Newsletter
Please visit

This website details :-

Overview of the purpose of the business newsletter
The content that will be in it
The circulation territory and frequency
How you can join in and have your details included
How to get in touch with us

You can subscribe to the Newsletter via the website but here is the link too just for those who want to do it now.

In brief the Business Newsletter is to complement the Community (Community in Action) and Business (Town Business Creative) Innovation Network that is being built in SW Herts. We need to innovate new ideas and alternate ways to get things done in our communities and the Business Newsletter is about improving the local business economy through providing a nurturing and supportive environment for local independent businesses.

Community Newsletter
Please visit

This website will explain... Overview of the purpose of the community newsletter, the content, coverage, how you can send in your news and a contact us form.

You can subscribe to the Newsletter via the website but here is the link too just for those who want to do it now. Most of our news never goes anywhere, no one hears about it. Often too small for the Watford Observer or not a big enough story... and so the story goes untold... not any more... send it to us through the website above... let's get this 97% of community news reported... now!!

The organisation responsible for putting this together is IPSL - Innovation - People - Skills - Link4Growth and you can read more about them here.

Below a short video introducing the two new newsletters...

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